3 Low Cost Home Remodeling Projects That Actually Add Resale Value


Not all home remodeling projects will actually add resale value to your home, as some projects are too personalized and are not what most homebuyers look for in a potential purchase. Other remodeling projects are simply too expensive for homeowners even if they do add that resale value to a house. There are, however, some low cost home remodeling projects that can add resale value and make your home more desirable to potential homebuyers; consider a few of them here.

1. Kitchen remodeling

You don't need to tear down your kitchen and start from scratch to create a space that adds value to your home. Very often new cabinets and new flooring can be enough to make your space seem updated, or you might opt for new countertops. One affordable option is prefabricated cabinets that slide into place rather than custom built cabinets, and poured cement countertops that can be painted and stained to look like granite are much cheaper than actual granite. There are also many very affordable vinyl flooring options that look like real stone or hardwood for those on a budget.

2. Bathroom remodeling

As with kitchens, you don't need to pull apart your entire bathroom to remodel and add value to the space. You might opt to install a vanity under the sink for storage, and new tile with a glass enclosure around the tub can make the space look new for not a lot of money. A bathtub can also be re-glazed rather than replaced, and vinyl tile that looks like stone or hardwood is very budget-friendly. These simple changes can make your bathroom look like new.

3. Master bedroom upgrades

Homeowners today want their master bedrooms to feel like a retreat and you can create this feeling on a budget very easily. Consider adding an electric fireplace or a vent-free fireplace insert in one wall for softness and warmth, or installing new carpeting that's soft and plush. Note if you can add to the closet space and then use closet organizers to make the space more appealing to buyers. Add curtains rather than blinds for a cozy feeling and, if you have the space, build a window seat under the window in the bedroom for a nice reading nook.

These changes are all very budget-friendly and all add value to the space. Remember that a professional contractor such as Rynone Kitchen & Baths can help to decide the right projects to add value to your home in particular.


16 January 2015

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