Four Things That You Will Want To Consider When Having A Mound Septic System Installed

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If you have a high water table, the septic system for your home may need to have a mound septic system. This is a type of conventional septic system that has a built up drain field where liquid waste goes. It prevents waste from contaminating the ground water beneath your home. There are a lot of things that you will want to consider when installing a mound system, such as its location.

Here are four things that you will want to know before you install a mound septic system for your home:

1. Getting A Percolation Test To Decide If You Need A Mound System

Before you have a septic system installed, you will need to have a percolation test done. This percolation test tests the absorption of the soil, the water table and other factors that can effect your septic system. If you have a home with porous soil or the water table is too high, you may need to have an alternative septic system installed or a mound system that helps improve the filtration of liquid waste to prevent ground water contamination.

2. Sand Or Other Liners For Your Mound System

There are many different types of liners that you can have installed with a mound septic system. If the needs of your system are minor, you may be able to have a simple sand filtration liner installed for your system. Some homes with really high water tables or porous soils, may need to have an additional liner installed to help protect the ground water from contamination. If you have a home with well water, you may want to consider an additional membrane liner, as well as a filtration system for the water service in your home.

3. Location Of Your Septic System Mound 

It is also important to consider the location of your septic mound. If you have a large property, the mound system can be located a distance from your home. If you are limited by space, you will want to make sure that mound is in a location where vehicles will not be driven on it. You may also want to have it in an area where it is not as noticeable.  Sometimes, other grading can be built up around your home to mask the location of the mound septic system that you have installed.

4. Hiding The Septic Mound With Landscaping Design

There are many ways that you can hide the septic mound for your home. You may want to consider locating it in the front of your home and making it look like part of a flowerbed or garden. If you have it located in other areas, you can use things like fencing and landscaping plants to hide the location of your septic drain field. You will want to be careful what types of plants you use around the system, and avoid any plants with deep roots that can get into the system and damage it.

These are some things that you will want to know before installing a mound septic system of your home. If you need advice about what septic system is right for your home, contact a septic contractor and ask them about a mound system. To learn more, contact a company like Rhode Island Septic Service with any questions you have.


21 January 2015

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