3 Surprising Times You Need To Call An Electrician To Your Home


An electrician is a professional who can help determine the problem when the power goes out in your home, but he or she can also perform many other valuable services for you. An electrician can upgrade your wiring as needed or determine if your home's wiring is developing a repair issue. Consider some surprising times when you may need to call an electrician to your home and how they can help you with various projects or repair work.

1. When you buy new kitchen appliances

New kitchen appliances may need more electricity than your current wiring is capable of delivering. This is especially true if your new appliances are larger, more powerful, or have more features. It's also true if you buy new appliances that your home wasn't supporting before, such as an upright freezer or a dishwasher.

An electrician can check the wiring you have in your home versus the amps and volts required by your new appliances and ensure they can be supported with uninterrupted power. If not, he or she can install new wiring or additional wiring that will support your appliances.

2. When you install a home theater

As with new kitchen appliances, the new electronics you purchase for your home theater may not be supported by your home's current wiring. This is also true if you purchase a number of new electronics that you'll be using at one time. Overloading your wires can result in a brownout, meaning less electricity gets delivered to each electronic device and they begin to slow down.

Along with wiring, an electrician can check your data cables. These are the cables that bring in television signals and which provide internet access. Older cables may not be able to support your demands for watching movies and checking your email on your tablet at the same time, so these, too, may need to be upgraded.

3. When your circuits continuously shut off

One sure sign that your home's wires cannot support the electrical and electronic appliances you have is a circuit breaker that keeps tripping or shutting off. Your circuits do this to stop the flow of electricity, typically because wires are overloaded with electrical demands.

In many cases, you can have the circuits rewired so that there are fewer appliances and electronics on the one circuit, or you can upgrade your wiring. In either case, you should call an electrician like Palmer Electric Inc. when you notice this happening, as consistently overloading your wires can mean frays and, in turn, a higher risk of electrical fire.


25 January 2015

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