3 Ways To Improve Traffic Flow In Your Small Business

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When you own a small business, you want your customers to feel comfortable when they walk through your doors. When you have many people in your store, they can often feel cramped and uncomfortable, which can slow your business down and turn potential customers off. Make the most of your space and help improve traffic flow to your small business by using these 3 handy tips.

Install automatic doors

Automatic doors are wider and more convenient than traditional doors, since they open to the side rather than inside your dwelling. This keeps customers from bumping into one another with bulky door as they enter into or leave your building. Other benefits to installing automatic doors include:

  • a professional, streamlined look
  • easy access for customers
  • easier loading and unloading of supplies
  • safer entry and exiting practices

A contractor, like Allied Door Controls and Glass Inc, can install these kinds of doors for you, often in less than a day. Perform this kind of install on days your business is not open, so customers don't have to feel inconvenienced by the construction.

Minimize display racks

Customers don't like having to maneuver around display racks, so try to keep spinning and free-standing displays at a minimum. If you use these kinds of racks, house them along edges of your store so they aren't right in the middle of aisles or near the cash register counter. Move store shelves several feet apart so aisles are wider for easy browsing. Your space should be wide enough everywhere for 2 or more people to comfortably browse without having to brush against one another. The open space makes people feel more welcome and less cramped, which means they will be more likely to shop longer, and hopefully make a sale.

Open your windows

Natural light makes any room appear larger and brighter, and can benefit your business in many ways. Customers who don't feel trapped in your small business will be most likely to make a purchase and browse comfortably. To increase the flow of traffic in your store, place a small settee under a large window for people to sit down and rest while they wait for their friends to finish shopping. The more open and inviting you can make your business appear, the more people will want to frequent your establishment.

When you have many people in your store, you want them to have the room they need to shop easily. Avoid making your business feel like a can of sardines by using these helpful tips, so everyone can have a chance to enjoy your great company.


28 January 2015

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