How You May Be Voiding Your Furnace Warranty And Not Even Know It

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Warranties are available for virtually every appliance in your home. Most homeowners will opt for these warranties for peace of mind in the event that the appliance breaks down. This includes gas furnaces and other HVAC equipment. However, you may be doing something that is actually putting your furnace warranty at risk of cancellation. Here are five things that you may be doing to void your warranty without even knowing it:

1. You Forgot to Register Your Warranty.

Some people think that when you receive a warranty for a product that it goes into effect immediately and automatically. Unfortunately, this is generally not true. Under most circumstances, a warranty must be registered in order to be valid. If you fail to register your furnace's warranty, you may void the warranty completely or reduce its length.

2. You Used Third-Party Replacement Parts.

In order for your warranty to remain valid, you must use manufacturer parts when a repair or replacement is necessary. More than likely, you opted for third-party replacement parts because they were available at a more economical price that didn't make you break the bank. However, it's not worth voiding your warranty over, especially when you may have to pay out of your pocket for a future replacement that will likely be much more costly.

3. You Didn't Have a Certified Expert Install Your Furnace.

When your furnace is installed, manufacturers require that a certified and experienced HVAC professional install the appliance. Your brother may be handy with furnaces, but if he isn't certified, you better not let him install yours. If you do, when you have problems with your furnace, they may be blamed on improper installation.

4. You Don't Receive a Tune-Up Every Year.

An annual tune-up of your furnace is necessary to ensure your furnace is in good working order and to optimize its overall efficiency. In addition, these yearly maintenance checks will help enhance air quality indoors and extend your furnace's life. Most importantly, these tune-ups will ensure your warranty isn't voided.

5. You Haven't Kept Documentation of Maintenance Upkeep.

As a general rule, when you need to repair a part on your furnace or replace your furnace and you use your warranty, the manufacturer will require proof of prior maintenance. This includes those annual tune-ups previously discussed. This documentation will speed up service and ensure that your warranty isn't cut short by the manufacturer due to your lack of being able to supply the proper paperwork.

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11 February 2015

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