How To Take Care Of Your New Asphalt Driveway

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Are you planning to get a new asphalt driveway this spring or summer? If so, knowing how to take care of the asphalt will help you to protect your investment. Asphalt takes two years to fully harden, a process known as curing. During that time, asphalt reacts to high temperatures by becoming softer and more pliable. This means that new asphalt in places like Santa Fe can be easily damaged by the summer sun and high temperatures. These tips will help you maintain your new asphalt driveway this summer season, despite the desert heat.

Vary Positions of Your Vehicle

To avoid leaving tire marks in your driveway, park your vehicle in a different spot every day. Avoid parking anything on your driveway on a long-term basis. Park your RV in the street, if possible. To that end, avoid placing anything permanently on the driveway. Don't line your driveway with decorative rocks, especially rocks with sharp or pokey bottoms. Avoid storing heavy planters and other large items on the driveway.

Keep Weight Distributed over a Wide Area

Beach chairs can easily damage your new driveway because these objects are supported on thin, pokey legs that can easily sink into the asphalt. Bicycle kick stands can damage your driveway for the same reasons. To avoid this problem, store beach chairs and bicycles off of the driveway. If objects like this must be placed on the driveway, use a piece of plywood to support the object and distribute the weight evenly over a wider area.

Avoid Driving Over the Edge of the Driveway

The perimeter is the most vulnerable part of your driveway. To avoid cracking or breaking off the edge of the driveway, keep your vehicle well away from the edge of the driveway. Never drive your vehicle over the driveway's edge.

If your driveway is raised above the level of your lawn, you can give your driveway additional support by packing the edges of the driveway with earth so that the surface of the lawn is even with the surface of the driveway.

Cool Off the Driveway

On especially hot days, cool off your driveway by hosing it down with water. This will prevent the tires of your car from pitting the driveway or gouging holes in the surface of the asphalt.

For more information about how you can care for your new asphalt driveway in the warm summer weather, speak with a paving contractor such as Armour Pavement Inc.


24 March 2015

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