4 Ways Your Dock Can Be Repaired

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Docks are exposed to the elements on a daily basis and will need to be repaired from time to time. Knowing how extensive of a repair a dock needs can be a bit difficult to determine, though.  A professional dock building company can come to your dock and give you an estimate for what it would cost to repair your dock. The following guide walks you through a few possible repairs your dock may need to have done.

Refinish the Surface

If the surface of your dock is a bit chipped or faded, the surface can simply be refinished to restore it quickly and easily. The builders have specialized refinishing products that are spread over the dock to create a thick barrier on the surface. You can choose from a variety of color options to create the look you want.

Replace the Decking

If the boards that are used to create the surface of your dock are warped, chipped, or cracked, replacing them will be necessary. The dock builders may suggest replacing all or some of the boards. If the builders need to replace all of the boards, you may be able to have the boards arranged to create a pattern to make your dock look more unique.

Replace the Lags

The lags are the boards that run under your dock to give the boards that you walk on the support they need to keep from collapsing under your feet. If the lags are sagging or damaged, the dock will not be properly supported. The dock builders will inspect the lags and let you know if they need to be braced, replaced, or are stable enough to support the weight. If the lags need to be replaced, the boards on top of them will need to be removed and replaced as well.

Slam New Poles

For many years, the poles that are used as the base for docks were simply placed in concrete bases. These bases have since proven to be less supportive than poles that are actually slammed into the ground. The dock builders can use a hand slammer or a slamming barge to slam new poles deep into the bed of the water to create the supportive base the dock needs.

The estimate the dock building company gives you will include the cost for parts and labor. The company will give you a time deadline for when the dock will be built so that you can make plans for when you can start enjoying it. Contact a marine construction company like Abbott's Construction Services Inc. today.


4 June 2015

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