Maintaining Your New Marble Dining Room Floor

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Your new marble floor will keep its luxurious appearance for years with just a little attention. There are several tasks that you can do, but you'll also want to consider having a professional tile cleaning service come in each year to keep the floor looking like new. Here are some steps to maintain that new marble floor to keep it looking like the day it was installed.

1. Have a stone sealant applied every year

Marble is not very porous if polished to a high sheen. But sharp objects can damage the surface, and acidic foods, such as tomatoes, can etch it. The sealer prevents this damage and makes cleaning up spills from the tile easier.

2. Clean up spills quickly

Etching of the tile is caused by the acid in some foods dissolving the limestone that is part of the marble. What remains is a rough area that can be stained easily. Besides tomatoes and tomato sauce, some of the foods that will etch your floor include:

  • fruit juice
  • coffee
  • wine
  • carbonated beverages

Wipe any spills off of the tile immediately with a soft cloth and warm water.

3. Be gentle when cleaning your tile

A cloth, sponge and warm water should be your standard tools for cleaning your tile. If the marble sealer has become worn in places, you may need to use a cleaner to pick up spots. Only use a neutral pH cleaner because acidic and alkaline products can damage the tile surface.

4. Protect the tile from furniture scuffs and scratches

Place felt pads on the legs of any piece of furniture that sit on the marble tiles. Dining room chairs get moved around frequently and can grind dirt and sand into the surface.

5. For overall room cleaning, use a dust mop or broom

Don't use a vacuum on the marble tile. Items can become lodged in the brushes and rollers which then scratch the surface. A soft-bristled broom or dust mop will pick up the dirt without damaging the tile.

6. Trap dirt before it gets to the floor

Put door mats at all entryways into the house to catch dirt and grit before it can scratch the tile. An even safer solution is to require shoes to be taken off before entering the house.

7. Clean grout carefully

Should a spill occur on the tile grout, it may stain before it damages the marble tile. Clean up the spill with a sponge and warm water. If the spot remains on the grout, mix a little baking soda with water and rub this mixture lightly on the spot. Rinse the area with warm water and blot it up. If the stain in the grout was unnoticed for several days and has dried, you'll want to have a service like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. come in to do the grout cleaning so it isn't damaged.


15 July 2015

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