Three Tips To Help You Safely Inspect Your Roof For Damage After A Storm

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If you have asphalt roofing on your home, storm damage can be a costly problem. Identifying the problems before they get too big can help reduce the costs of repairs. You may want to inspect your roof yourself to get an idea of the amount of damage on the roof. Here are some tips to help you safely inspect your roof for any damage:

1. Safely Using A Ladder To Inspect Roof Damage

It is important that you know how to safely use an extension ladder before inspecting your roof. Pay attention to the safety stickers and do not place the ladder where the feet are too far out away from the edge of the roof. In addition, when you place the ladder against the roof, you want to make sure that it extends far beyond the top of the roof. It should give you a place to grab hold of waste high as you get on and off the roof. You also never want to put all your weight on the part of the ladder that extends above the roof.

2. Staying Away From Electrical Lines And Utilities

Electrical wires can be a major hazard when you do anything around your home. Be sure that you keep metal ladders far away from any wires. Telephone wires can also carry current, and these wires should be avoided when inspecting damage on your roof. Do not touch any loose wires and stay away from any tree branches that come in contact with wires. The moisture in branches can carry a current and cause you to be electrocuted.

3. Watching Out For Loose Shingles On Your Roof

If you have to get on your roof to inspect any damage, debris and loose shingles can be a fall hazard on your roof. You may want to consider using a fall protection system, which use rope and an anchored harness designed for working on roofs. When you are on your roof, watch your step and if you feel that an area is not secure, walk around it to avoid any loose materials. You can also use a leaf blower to clean off any wind-blown debris like leaves and tree branches that may still be on your roof.

These are some tips to help you with inspecting storm damage on your roof. You can contact a residential roofing contractor to get the help you need with repairs to your roof. Catching these problems now, and having them repaired, can reduce costs of structural damage to your home.


12 August 2015

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