Best Roofing Materials For A High-Pitch Roof

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One of the key roofing elements considered during a shingle project is the pitch of the roof. Pitch refers to the angle of the roof, which is expressed as a fraction with the vertical height as the numerator and the horizontal length as the denominator. A higher numerator means the roof has a higher slanting pitch.

High pitch roofs aren't suited for any type of shingle you can find on the market. There are two shingle types in particular that work well for high-pitched roofs: wood and slate. Discuss these possibilities with your roofing company if you need roofing repairs or replacement.

Why Wood and Slate Work for High-Pitch Roofs

Wood and slate shingles are well-suited for high-pitched roofs due to how the shingles are installed. Instead of snapping closely together like metal roofing, these natural shingles are secured in a staggered fashion that means water can run between the shingles and down the roof. This is a benefit on a high-pitch roof so that no water gets trapped on the shingles. Instead, gravity helps move the water on off the roof and down the gutters.

Slate and wood shingles are also well-secured and heavier than roofing materials such as asphalt. This means that the slate and wood shingles can prove less likely to blow away during a wind storm, the forces of which could batter up the side of a high-pitch roof.

Wood Shingle Pros and Cons

Wood shingles or shakes offer a natural look and built-in insulation for the upper part of your home. The shakes tend to be made of cedar but are available in several stain shades to accommodate a range of tastes. The construction process for the shingles means that each one has slight variations in both color and size, which can give your roof a beautifully textured look.

Downsides of wood shingles include high maintenance and the possibility of further fueling a house fire. Wood shingles are particularly sensitive to insect damage. You may need to make appointments for your roofing company to check the shingles periodically for damage.

Slate Shingle Pros and Cons

Slate shingles come in the subdued yet beautiful colors found in natural rock. The shingles are more shaped like tile and can thus be installed in a variety of tile- or brick-style patterns. Slate is fairly low maintenance and durable against both the weather and insects.

Slate is also one of the more expensive roofing options and requires qualified roofers to install the shingles without breakage. For more information, contact Pasco Roofing or a similar company.


22 September 2015

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