How to Clean a Paint Gun

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Paint guns are a great tools to rent for interior and exterior paint jobs. They are easy to use and they can speed up your project, making it more cost effective. While actually using the gun is quite simple, you will need to make a special effort to clean and maintain it. If you want to ensure that your gun works properly, you will want to learn how to clean it before you begin spraying. This article explains how and when to clean your gun.

Cleaning Throughout the Day

The key to a consistent spray is making sure your nozzle is clean and free of clogs. First, never set your gun on the ground, especially if it is dirt or grass. Second, never let the paint dry on the tip of the gun. If you are going to step away from spaying for more than 20 or 30 minutes, you should wipe off the tip of the nozzle and then place your gun in a bucket of water. When you return to continue the painting, you just need to spray your gun for a couple of seconds until the stream returns to normal.

Cleaning at the End of the Day

While a bucket of water is convenient for short term breaks from spraying, you will need a better solution for longer delays. Since most paint jobs will take several days, you need to figure out what to do with the gun over night. First, you need to flush all of the paint from the lines. Remove the hose pump from the paint bucket and place it in a bucket of water. Then, spray the gun at a scrap piece of paper until only water is coming out. This will be a sign that your pump, hose lines, and gun are free of paint. However, you will still want to take the nozzle out of the gun. Most guns have a nozzle that can be easily removed. You can set the nozzle to soak in a cup of water. If the nozzle is caked up with dried up paint, you can set it in a cup of watered-down paint thinner. 

When you return to paint the next day, you just need to pop the nozzle back in the gun and put the paint bucket in place of the water bucket. Spray onto your scrap piece of paper until the paint starts to come out and begin painting.

If you're thinking of renting a paint gun, consider contacting local rental equipment companies to discuss any of your questions or concerns.


10 December 2015

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