Problems Growing Under Your Trees? Tree Lacing Could Be A Solution


Did you have some troubles getting the grass or plants below your big trees to grow this past season? The problem could be a result of those big, beautiful trees blocking the sun from reaching the ground below. But wait–before you go lopping the tops of those trees off or cutting them down completely, there is another option to consider. Tree lacing could be a great solution to your growing problems without destroying the trees above.

What is tree lacing?

Tree lacing is a method of pruning that only takes enough of the branches off of the tree to allow for light to penetrate through the tree to the ground below. When you look up at the tree while the sun is shining through it, it will look much like lace with bits of sun shining through beautifully.

Are there any other benefits of tree lacing?

Not only will lacing the tree help to increase sun exposure on the ground below, but it will also help to decrease the chances of insect infestation and keep the tree healthier. Insects thrive in shady, dark areas and damaged, wet wood. Lacing the trees will increase the amount of sun exposure inside the branches of the tree and give the pests fewer areas to infest easily.

How do you lace a tree?

If you are not experienced with pruning trees, your best option is likely to contact a professional tree trimmer, such as at, and have the tree laced for you. If you have some experience, you could do it yourself with the right equipment and a little bit of knowledge.

To do this project on your own you will need:

  • Hand pruner
  • Pole pruner
  • Ladder

Step 1: Remove the Dead Branches

To remove dead branches, cut a small wedge on the underside of the branch a few inches away from the tree trunk. Finish the cut from the top side of the branch staring one-inch further from the trunk and cutting back towards the trunk.

Step 2: Eliminate the "V's"

Look for V-shaped branches. When branches grow in a V shape, they can cause weight issues once they are fully developed. Cut one of the two branches off of each of the V branches using the same method as you did to remove the dead branches. This will help to eliminate the risk of those branches becoming too heavy for the main branch to support.

Step 3: Open the Tight Spaces

If removing the dead and V-shaped branches hasn't opened the tree up enough to allow the sun to shine through, look for branches that are growing very closely together. Thin those areas by removing a branch or two.

This process will help to save your tree and make it possible to grow all sorts of vegetation on the ground below.


15 January 2016

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