Why A Metal Roof Is A Beneficial Investment For Your House


Do you need to replace the deteriorating asphalt shingles on your roof but want a different material to be used that is more worthy? A metal roof might be just the type that you are looking for, as it is beneficial in numerous different ways. In this article, you will discover a portion of the benefits that you will have by replacing your asphalt shingles with metal roofing materials.  

1. No Damage from Embers

If you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together as they typically are, a metal roof can save you a lot of money. For instance, if one of your neighbor's homes happens to catch on fire and embers fall on your roof, you will have the security of knowing that your roof will not catch on fire. Metal is resistant to fire, so your roof will remain intact; the only necessary repairs would be minor expenses that do not require an entirely new roof being constructed. 

2. Can Achieve Various Looks

A nice perk of having a metal roof is that you can achieve the look of other roofing designs and still enjoy the benefits of having metal. You can get your metal roof stamped to mimic the look of wood, tiles, shingles and numerous other designs. There are also several metal options to choose from that can play a role in how good your roof looks, such as copper, tin and steel.  There are also metal roofing materials that are treated with an acrylic that has granules embedded inside of it to give the roof less of a metal look. Painting a metal roof is a simple way of adding more appeal, as it can be painted in any color that you desire to complement the overall look of your house.

3. Won't Require Many Repairs

A metal roof will give you less of a headache than many other materials when it comes to the need for repairs. Unlike the asphalt shingles that are currently on your roof, you won't have to worry about metal deteriorating from algae, as there is no limestone for the spores to consume. It is also easier to prevent water damage during freezing weather that sometimes leads to ice or snow siting on the roof for a long time. For instance, the ice and snow will slide off instead of sitting on your roof. Speak to a roofing contractor about replacing your asphalt shingles with metal roofing materials.


1 June 2016

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