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Embroidery is the art of working raised and ornamental designs with a needle and threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, and other materials on fabric, leather, paper, and other substrates. One form of embroidery that is consistently hand-created by artists is seed bead embroidered jewelry. Seed bead embroidered jewelry incorporates glass seed beads and gemstones on leather in a myriad of designs and shapes. Seed beads come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, such as transparent, opaque, gold-lined, silver-lined, and metal plated. These different seed beads can all be used together for rich and unique effects. You can also incorporate crystals and other beads into your designs. Here are some ways in which you can use seed bead embroidery to make your own original jewelry.

  • Seed Bead Embroidered Pendants and Earrings - Seed bead embroidery can be successfully used to hang any size or shape gemstone for a pendant or a set of earrings. You can weave seed beads around the base of a gemstone in a tight ring and then weave successive rings that are attached to each other to form a secure bezel. These pendants and earrings can dangle freely or be attached to a piece of leather to lay flat. 
  • Seed Bead Embroidered Necklaces - Seed bead embroidered necklace designs are attached to a base of thin leather that sits flat upon the neckline and chest of the wearer. These necklaces can be full, half, or quarter collars in wide or narrow designs. Many seed bead embroidered necklaces include one or more gemstone cabochons. The artist creating the necklace will first encircle a gemstone cabochon with a ring of seed beads at the base of the cabochon. Successive rings of seed beads are connected to the first ring in smaller circles to create a secure bezel that clamps and holds the gemstone cabochon in place. Flat seed bead designs are then woven between the secured cabochons to create a completely embellished necklace. For a consistent and uniform look, you can attach your seed bead embroidery to leather that is dyed to match the main colors of your design, or you can color the leather yourself with a permanent marker. 
  • Seed Bead Embroidered Bracelets and Anklets - You can embroider small seed bead sections that can be linked together with metal jump rings to create bracelets and anklets. You can also use metal bracelet cuffs that you can completely cover with seed bead embroidery to create embroidered bracelet cuffs. These cuff forms are available at any large jewelry supply company. 

You can create your seed bead embroidered jewelry in abstract designs or realistic images by weaving the many different colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes of seed beads together. You can design your seed bead embroidered jewelry by plotting out the colors and sizes of your bead designs on graph paper. Seed bead ropes and metal chains can be used to link your bead embroidered sections together to form a complete piece of jewelry. Talk to a company like C & E Imprinted Sportswear that specializes in embroidery about ways to create one-of-a-kind seed bead embroidered jewelry. 


12 October 2016

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