Tips For Restoring An Asphalt Parking Lot

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Purchasing a new business property often requires quite a few initial investments in maintenance, especially if it has been sitting empty for awhile. The parking lot in particular tends to fall into disrepair, as the asphalt settles and develops cracks that allow local flora to encroach. The following are a few restoration tips that can help you get the lot looking like new without the need for a full replacement.

Tip #1: Tackle weeds first

It's nearly impossible to assess the quality of the remaining asphalt if you can't see it clearly. Have your grounds maintenance crew apply an herbicide and remove any weeds that have invaded the cracks in the parking lot. A lot that looks very weedy may in fact have minimal structural issues. Often, there are just a few cracks that have been invaded, and these can be fixed. You can't be sure, though, until you have cleared the weeds and revealed the asphalt.

Tip #2: Mark the damage

Walk the entire lot, either on your own or with an asphalt pavement restoration contractor, and find all damaged areas. You will want to mark these with bright-colored chalk. You are looking for potholes, cracks, and crumbling areas. Also, look for any low-lying areas, since these will eventually become potholes if they aren't fixed. By walking the lot yourself you can make sure that no damage is overlooked during the restoration. Otherwise, anything that isn't properly fixed may resurface within a few short months after the lot is fixed.

Tip #3: Repair basic damage

Most cracks and potholes can be filled. Larger cracks will have a foam rod inserted into them before an asphalt filler is applied. Potholes will be cleaned out and a patch will be put in place. A similar process will be used to fill in low spots that are collecting water. These patches will have to cure before the restoration process can continue.

Tip #4: Have the lot recoated

Recoating or resurfacing puts a fresh asphalt surface on top of the old. This will cover any patches so that the parking lot looks new again. This new coat is usually only a couple of inches thick, so it is less expensive to install than a whole new parking lot. You also won't need to pay for the demolition of the old lot or the construction of a new base for the asphalt, since the old asphalt acts like a base for the new layer.

Going forward, have any new cracks that open repaired promptly so the lot stays in good repair. You should also have the lot sealcoated every few years to help protect it from weathering. Your paving contractor can offer more advice.


28 October 2016

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