Garage Door Balancing And Springs That Cause Some Of Most Common Repair Needs

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Keeping up with the maintenance of your garage door can help to prevent common repair needs. Doors that are off balanced cause some of the most common door problems, such as damaged tracks and springs that fail. It may also be the tension on springs being incorrect causing your garage door problems. Here are some of the most common issues with garage doors that can be caused by balance and spring problems:

Springs That Have Uneven Tension Causing Balance Problems

The tension of springs help to lift the garage door evenly. This prevents it from being jammed because of opening unevenly. When your garage door springs become worn or lose tension, the door will easily become unbalanced. This causes the door to be jammed and can also damage tracks and other components of your door. To correct this problem, have a garage door repair service check the tension of the springs and tension them correctly.

Jammed Doors and Damaged Tracks That Are Caused by Balance Issues

Jammed doors and damaged tracks are usually caused by spring problems. It can also be caused by opening the door forcefully. In addition to issues with the tracks, there are many other parts that can be damaged when the door is off balance. Each panel of your door has rollers and brackets that hold it in the track, the damaged tracks and incorrect operation of the door will cause damage to the small components, which will need to be replaced when you have repairs done. The smaller components can also be damaged due to these problems. 

Springs That Need to Be Replaced Causing Garage Door Problems

Springs can also be a problem that causes many of your garage door problems. The springs can lose tension over time. Lack of spring tension causes unnecessary stress on other components, such as mounts and opening systems. The springs can sometimes be tightened by a garage door repair technician. When the springs have reached the end of their life and  loosen or break, you are going to need to replace them. If spring tension problems are frequent with your door, contact a repair service and have them replace them to prevent other problems.

These are some common door problems that are caused by balancing and spring problems. Contact a garage door service to help with the maintenance to balance your door and make sure springs are correctly tightened and do not need to be replaced. For more information or assistance, visit websites like


14 December 2016

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