What You Need To Know If Your Home's Siding Has Brown, Vertical Streaks

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If your home's vinyl siding has brown streaks, you may have extensive water damage in your home's structure. Here's what you need to know. 

What causes brown streaks on siding? 

Brown vertical streaks on your siding means water has gotten into the wall cavities, which means you may have a leaky roof. Tannin in the wood of your home's structure produces a brown, staining substance (similar to tea and coffee) when the wood becomes wet. This can occur from the formation of ice dams along the edges of your roofing system where they meet with the gutters.

When ice forms in these areas, it can cause the roofing shingles to lift up. As the ice melts, water migrates through the roofing structure, picks up tannin from the wood, and continues to fall from the gables and eaves, where it can be seen on the siding. It's important to note that if this migration of water can be seen as brown streaks on the exterior walls, there is a good chance there is also water inside those walls. 

It could also mean your attic ventilation system isn't working properly. A poor ventilation system can cause excessive moisture in your attic and roofing structure, particularly when humidity levels are high inside your attic. This problem can be compounded by kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans that leak into the attic. 

Can the brown streaks be removed? 

The stains can be removed by scrubbing them with a small amount of bleach mixed into hot, soapy water or a special siding cleaning solution. However, if the stains have been allowed to accumulate over time, removing them may take a lot of effort. Since this job requires a ladder and potentially a lot of scrubbing, it's a good idea to hire a vinyl siding service like Griffitts Construction Siding and Windows to remove the stains for you instead of attempting to do it yourself, especially if you have a fear of heights. 

The important thing to understand, however, is that simply removing the stains will not solve the problem. The cause of the stains will need to be addressed and repaired, or you may see brown stains form again in the future. Also, you may need water damage restoration done to the inside of the wall cavities as well as to the roofing structure of your home. Wood that has been wet enough to cause tannin to be released is more susceptible to wood rot. 


3 February 2017

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