Effectively Removing Black Stains From Your Asphalt Shingles

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If you have streaks of black running down your rooftop's asphalt shingles, you are most likely concerned about their presence and wish to have them removed. Black staining on asphalt is usually caused by the growth of algae and occurs when humid conditions are prevalent in an area. Here are some tips you can use to remove these unattractive stains from your rooftop and how to prevent them from showing up again in the future.

Use A Commercial Solution To Remove Stains

A hardware or home goods store will have a solution available for sale to aid in the removal of black algae. Make sure the instructions indicate the solution can be applied to asphalt shingles before making a purchase. If you cannot locate a solution in a local store, call a roofing company like Grissom Contracting in your area to see if they have a recommendation on where to obtain one. They may sell one to customers themselves. The solution should contain trisodium phosphate (abbreviated as TSP) and bleach. When these two agents are used in conjunction, they will whisk away stains without difficulty.

Use a soft-bristled brush to rub the solution into your shingles. Make sure to cover your hands with gloves when using this agent, and protect any plants beneath your roof with a tarp when using it. Rinse the solution well after application.

Keep Your Rooftop As Dry As Possible

Since mold spores need moisture to thrive, eliminating mold from your rooftop will be helpful in keeping black algae at bay. Trim any overhanging branches from the area so water does not drip off of them and land on your shingles. This will also allow more sunlight to hit your roof, keeping it dry as a result. When debris lands on your roof, take the time to remove it right away. Failing to remove debris will allow water to settle underneath it, possibly leading to algae growth as a result.

Add Gutters To Upper-Tiered Areas

If you have more than one rooftop, you may notice that your bottom tiers are darker than the upper ones. This is because water will drip from the top tiers to the lower levels. Adding gutters to the upper tiers will effectively eliminate water accumulation from the bottom levels. Make sure to clean out the gutter system to remove any accumulated debris often. This will ensure moisture is kept at a minimum around all levels of your shingles, thereby preventing algae from growing.


6 February 2017

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