Three Reasons Why Your Topsoil May Be Non-Existent

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Topsoil has many qualities, including varied thicknesses in different parts of the country. However, there should be topsoil just about anywhere you reside. Only certain special conditions would prevent topsoil from developing over time or make it non-existent. If you have tried to grow flowers and whatnot in your yard only to discover that you do not have ANY topsoil, here are some reasons why that may be.

Your House Is Sitting on Top of Old Farmland

When new subdivisions are created, they are often placed over old farmland. If that farmland was scraped bare of its topsoil or the topsoil was farmed out, there would be none left when homeowners built their houses there. If you do a little digging at your library or county records building, you can probably confirm that.

Glaciers Scraped Away the Topsoil Eons Ago

If you settle anywhere in the U.S. where the glaciers from the Ice Age pushed through, topsoil was already gone eons ago. This is easy to tell because a ton of rocks will come up with every shovelful of dirt you dig. Right below that you will hit red clay, in which almost nothing but fungi will grow. The only reason farmers in these states are still able to produce crops is because they have spent years adding various soils and treatments to the land, cultivating it to become what it was before the glaciers.

You Are Living in a Previous Dust Bowl or Watershed Area

Two of the final areas where you may not find any topsoil are places where natural disasters have taken the topsoil away. A dust bowl is one. This is a place where a drought got so bad that accompanying winds turned the topsoil into dust and blew it all away. Watershed areas are just as bad. Here, there were not enough trees, bushes, and plants to keep rainwater, snow, etc. from making the topsoil into a slurry that moved downhill and into a river or stream.

Years ago, people were unsure how to fix a lack of topsoil. Now, through years of environmental research, technology, and landscaping practices, people have found ways to put topsoil back. Farmers were the first ones to do it, but as a residential homeowner, you can too. Talk to a landscaping contractor and/or a construction contractor who includes soil rebuilding as part of his/her list of services like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel.


13 February 2017

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