Four Maintenance Mistakes That Can Shorten The Lifespan And Detract From The Productivity Of Your MIG Welding Machinery

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MIG welding is one of the most common types of welding found in industrial and construction operations. Therefore, it's fairly likely that you're using MIG welding equipment if you handle welding as part of your construction or contracting business. 

Properly maintaining your MIG welding equipment is important if you want to maximize its lifespan and improve your bottom line by avoiding purchases on new equipment pieces and replacement parts. To keep your MIG welding equipment operating at its optimal performance level, avoid the following four mistakes:

Using an aged and worn tip in an MIG welding machine's torch assembly

It's important to keep the tip of the torch assembly of a welding machine in good shape because the tip has to stand up to the majority of stress from spatter and heat. 

Replacing the tip on an MIG welding gun can correct feeding problems and increase precision. A worn tip can drastically detract from the quality and speed with which welding work can be performed, so it will inevitably detract from productivity. 

Neglecting to keep the drive rolls in welding machinery clean and adjusted to the appropriate settings

Over time, drawing compound will build up in the drive rolls of an MIG welding gun. It's therefore important to regularly inspect and clean out drive rolls. 

Debris in the drive rolls can negatively impact the grip and tension of the equipment. Drive rolls need to be routinely cleaned to remove drawing compound and any other debris. Fortunately, this maintenance task can be fairly easily performed with a wire brush. 

Operating MIG welding machinery with excessively high pressures in the drive roll

Proper pressure needs to be maintained in the drive roll to keep welding machinery operating properly. If the pressure is excessively high, feeding issues are likely to develop that will make it more difficult to effectively operate equipment.

It's possible to maintain a proper pressure level by blowing out the spring liner with shop air pressure before welding equipment is first used at the beginning of the work day. This should be done at both the torch and feeder ends of an MIG welding gun. Built up pressure can be relieved in this way and debris can be cleared out of the liner.

Neglecting to replace the spring liner when it is worn out

A worn spring liner can develop a lot of bends or kinks in it that could jam the torch inlet or other parts of a welding gun. It's very simple to replace a worn spring liner, so it's worthwhile to develop a maintenance regime that includes regular inspection of the condition of the spring liner and immediate replacement when necessary. 

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24 July 2017

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