Three Summer Windshield Issues To Fix Before Winter

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Summer can be hard on your car's windshield, especially if you spent a lot of time on road trips during the warm months. Taking time to perform a full window inspection can help you avoid a broken or cracked windshield during the cold winter months when it can be more inconvenient to deal with the problem.

#1: Check for chips

Chips are the most common issue you will likely encounter on your windshield. These are generally caused by rocks being thrown up on the windshield from cars in front of you, and they are especially common during the summer construction season. A small chip is not problem if you tend to it immediately. This is because chips smaller than a quarter can generally be filled with resin and repaired, so you won't have to replace the entire windshield. If you put off the repair, moisture will collect in the chip. Then, when temperatures plummet below freezing in winter the water will expand and cause your window to send out a spiderweb of cracks.

#2: Inspect for hazing

Hazing is the result of permanent scratches across the windshield. The most common cause is your windshield wipers. During the dry days of summer, dust tends to build up on the windshield. Then, when you turn on the wipers to clear them of insect residue--or because of the first couple of drops of a summer thunderstorm--the dust is scraped across the window where it leaves permanent etching. To prevent this, put on a new pair of washers come summer and then fill up your windshield washer reservoir. Before flipping on the wipers for any reason, first spray the washer fluid so dust isn't dragged across a dry surface. Hazing is permanent, so the only fix is windshield replacement. This is why prevention is the best cure.

#3: Look at the seals

The seals that hold your windshield in place usually do their job with no problems, but if you live in a hot or exceedingly dry climate there is the chance that they could fail. If you notice moisture seeping onto the inside of the window from around the edges, one of the seals could be failing. You can also sometimes spot a failing seal because it will look cracked or it will bubble. This is a major issue, as moisture in the damaged seal will expand as it freezes come winter, which results in more damage and a dangerously unstable windshield. You will have to have the seals replaced.

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30 August 2017

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