Still Rockin' That Gravel Driveway? Five Reasons To Upgrade To Asphalt Today

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Years ago, almost all driveways in the U.S. were made from gravel. But slowly, those gravel driveways have been replaced with asphalt driveways. There's a reason asphalt has become so common. In fact, there are several reasons why asphalt is such a good replacement for gravel and why you should upgrade too. Here's a look.

Asphalt Driveways Are Easier to Shovel or Plow

When winter comes and the snow starts falling, you know how challenging shoveling your gravel driveway can be. You have to remove enough snow to prevent the driveway from becoming slick without removing too much and accidentally scooping the stones away, too. Shoveling an asphalt driveway is so much easier. You can slide the shovel across the driveway, pushing snow off to either side. This is easier on your back than continually lifting the snow, as you have to do with a gravel driveway. You can plow an asphalt driveway more easily, too, thanks to the smooth and even surface.

De-icing is also easier on asphalt. Though you won't want to use rock salt (it can cause the asphalt to crack), there are excellent liquid de-icing products that you can spray on the asphalt to keep ice at bay for weeks on end. Gravel is too porous and too easily scattered for these de-icing products to be effective.

Asphalt Is Easy to Maintain

When you have a gravel driveway, you frequently need to smooth it out and fill in low spots to keep the driveway looking presentable. Asphalt driveways require less frequent maintenance. Keep leaves swept off it in the fall, and have the driveway resealed every two or three years. Generally, you should have a paving company apply the sealer so you don't have to spend your whole weekend worrying about this maintenance. 

You might see neighbors with cracks and holes in their asphalt driveways, but in most cases, regular sealing will prevent the damage from progressing to this point.

Asphalt Gives Your Landscape a Polished Look

The smooth lines and even, black color of asphalt coordinate well with the smooth lines of most modern landscaping. A paved asphalt driveway can transform the look of your entire yard, giving it a more polished, well-kept look. You can install a matching asphalt walkway or even an asphalt patio to create a more unified appearance. A patio or walkway made from gravel is bland in comparison, and the gravel tends to get scattered about.

Kids Can Play More Easily on Asphalt

Have you ever tried dribbling a basketball on a gravel driveway? It's pretty tough, if not entirely impossible. Kids also have to worry about sliding and scraping their knees on the gravel, since it's not an entirely stable surface. Asphalt, on the other hand, is easy for kids to play ball on, draw on with chalk, and otherwise play on. If you have kids, they'll definitely appreciate you making the upgrade to an asphalt driveway — and so will their friends. 

Asphalt Is Easier On Your Lawnmower

When you have a gravel driveway, gravel is always getting scattered into the lawn. When you hit a piece of gravel with the lawnmower, it damages the blade. Replace your gravel driveway with asphalt, and you'll no longer have to worry about hitting gravel and damaging your blade. Your lawnmower will last a lot longer and will do a better job of cutting your grass.

If you're still rockin' that gravel driveway, make this the year that you upgrade to asphalt. Asphalt does cost a bit more than gravel, but you'll enjoy all of the benefits above once your new driveway is in place. Check out websites like to learn more.


25 October 2017

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