Four Core Necessities for an Organized Kitchen

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When going through kitchen remodeling, one important core necessity to consider is organization. Without considering organization, putting together your newly remodeled kitchen can be pretty frustrating and disappointing. Here are the four core necessities that help create a kitchen that can be well organized and stay that way too:

​A Home for All the Little Things

Consider all the little things that are packed away in your kitchen. This includes silverware, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, glasses, cups, mugs, and even other random little things, such as cookie cutters. All these little things should be grouped together and have a specific place to call home in the kitchen. You can easily create this space when going through a remodel.

For example, incorporating open shelving for spice jars and other canisters, such as the coffee, sugar, and flour canisters is a great way to stay organized and make things that you use regularly reachable for you. You should also consider something like a lazy Susan that allows you to store more large kitchen items in one space that is easy to maneuver and organize so that you can easily grab what you need. 

A Clutter-Free Counter

Be sure to create storage space that is going to allow you to have a clutter-free counter space. Large pantry items, such as boxes of cereal should be able to fit inside of the pantry. You also want to create storage space for appliances, such as the toaster and blender, especially if these are things that aren't used throughout the day. It's just taking up space that can make it seem like your kitchen is unorganized. 

A Space for Cleaning Supplies

The kitchen needs more regular cleaning than any other room in the house aside from the bathroom even if you aren't into cooking. Since the kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly, you need to have plenty of storage space for cleaning supplies right there. This even includes having storage space for paper towels, rags, and more. Be sure that space is created for this so that you don't end up having to use space that should be used for food and kitchen appliances. 

A Maintenance Plan

Before you bring anything into your kitchen remodel plan, you need to consider the maintenance. If you are someone who uses the kitchen frequently, for example, you want to ensure that you have counters and floors that are up to handle the excessive use. You don't want to end up having little scratches and stains everywhere that are impossible to get out, which can make your space feel unorganized, which can lead to unhappiness with the remodel really quickly. 

When you consider these four core necessities for an organized kitchen, you can ensure that you stay happier with your kitchen for a longer period of time. 


30 November 2017

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