3 Helpful Tips When Maintaining Your Water Well

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If you live out in a remote area, you may rely on a well system to get fresh water on a daily basis. In order for your system to work like it should and in a safe manner, you'll want to stay on top of maintenance in the following ways. 

Protect Against Well Contamination 

Your family's safety is at risk when contaminants get into your private well system, which is why you need to take the right precautions before contamination ever happens. For example, avoid using fertilizers and pesticides around the well, as rainwater could easily transfer these toxins into the well system.

You can also counteract toxic ground water by forming up the dirt around the well so that it creates a buffer. Instead of using regular dirt, though, consider fill dirt. It's not as prone to breaking down, and therefore promotes healthy drainage and percolation. 

Also keep any hazardous waste locked up in a secure area, such as the shed or garage. 

Have the Well Professionally Tested 

You can ensure your well is clean and functioning as it should by having the system tested professionally at least once a year. A contractor can conduct rigorous and systematic tests to check for contamination in the form of nitrates, bacteria, coliform, arsenic, and radon. Knowing the results of these tests can give you some comfort, particularly when it comes to your drinking water. 

Contractors will also inspect the odor and color of the water coming from the well. If there are any potential hazards, you'll be notified immediately before gastrointestinal illnesses leave you completely debilitated. 

Replace the Water Well

There may come a point in time when your well is no longer able to work correctly. The system may be decades old and parts, such as the well pump, may not be able to function at a consistent rate. Or, the water may keep getting contaminated and low pressure may be a chronic issue.

Whatever the case, experienced professionals can remove the old system and set up a newer, more efficient model. They have ample experience drilling these well systems, so you don't have to worry about severe damage happening to your property. They also give you access to different types of wells, ranging from small to large. 

If you and your family are dependent on water well systems to survive, make sure you do everything you can to keep them in good condition. Not only does this help you avoid costly repairs, it can circumvent a lot health hazards. For more information, contact a local company like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning


5 January 2018

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