Comparing Vinyl And Fiber Cement Siding

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When it comes to adding siding to the outside of your home, you have a lot of options. Vinyl is obviously one of the most well known and popular choices because it is very affordable, practical, low maintenance, and energy efficient. However, it is not the only exterior siding product on the market. Fiber cement is one option that has a lot of the same characteristics as vinyl. This article compares the main difference between fiber cement and vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a relatively new material. It is becoming more and more advanced, and therefore becoming more affordable and available in more styles. Fiber cement basically looks like raw cement. However, it is made out of mixture of cement, glue, and other lightweight recycled materials that makes it possible to hang from sidewalls. It weighs a little more than vinyl, but it can be attached to most sidewalls quite easily.

One of the biggest difference between fiber cement and vinyl is the texture. As mentioned, fiber cement looks and feels very much like real concrete. This is also a texture that is very easy to paint. Of course, you can find fiber cement products that are already dyed a certain color, but the fact that you can paint them is a huge advantage.


Vinyl, on the other hand, is very smooth and hard to repaint. Since it has a plastic like exterior shell, vinyl does not paint up as well as fiber cement. Many people simply don't like the texture of vinyl because it is shiny and they think it looks like plastic. Fiber cement is a great alternative that has a heartier look than vinyl

Since fiber cement is off of thicker, it is usually a better insulator. Nonetheless, vinyl remains very popular choice because it is made in more styles. Vinyl can be printed and molded to look like other materials. It also comes in different sizes and textures You can find vinyl that is pressed with fake wood grain textures. You can find large vinyl sheets that have natural stone prints. Basically, there are more style options to choose from if you are shopping for a vinyl siding product.

Since vinyl is lighter, and it has a modular design, it is also a better choice for DIYers. If you want do your own siding installation, vinyl is definitely one of the best ways to go.


25 March 2018

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