Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid For A Small Kitchen

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If you have a small kitchen space that you want to update, then remodeling can be completed in a way to make the most of the space you have. However, homeowners often get right to the designing with their construction company and make some common small space mistakes. Keep reading to learn about a few.

Adding Tall Cabinets

Most people try to take up all the available kitchen space they have in an attempt to pack in everything they want and need. However, if you add cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling, then this is likely something that you will regret. 

Cabinets that reach to the ceiling are rarely functional. Most people cannot reach the top spaces, and homeowners end up shoving a bunch of stuff in the tallest spaces that they never use again. Also, these tall cabinets often seem claustrophobic and made a tiny kitchen seem smaller than it actually is. 

Instead of adding the tallest cabinets possible, consider using the upper spaces of the kitchen for lighting. This can save you space elsewhere where lights have to be positioned, and you can add illumination to the darkest spots of the kitchen. This will open it up and make the area appear bigger.

Standard cabinets that are about 30 inches tall should be utilized, and they should be positioned so that there is about 18 inches of space above the upper cabinets. If you do want just a bit more space, then you can opt for cabinets that are 32 inches, and this will give you 16 inches of space close to the ceiling so lights can still be added.

Closing Off Windows

Adding lights above cabinets can help to conserve on the space needed for lighting, but oftentimes a few lights are not enough to add all of the illumination you truly need. And to truly brighten and open the space up, you should be looking at ways that you can bring natural light into the area. If you have windows, then make sure to leave them uncovered and allow as much light in as possible. This means skipping the curtains and blinds and going with something like Roman blinds or cellular shades.

If you do not have a window in the space, then think about saving some money from your budget to allow for the installation of one. Skylights are also a great way to add some natural light, and if these are not the best choices for your needs, then you should be looking at the brightest lights possible for the area. LED lights that are bright white are a good choice.

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13 December 2018

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