Can You Waterproof Your Basement from the Outside?

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Is your basement a little damp? If you're like most people, you probably assume that to eliminate the moisture, you need to make some changes to your basement walls and floor. But while this is one approach, it is not the only way to waterproof your basement. You can also choose to focus on the exterior of your home, waterproofing your basement from the outside, instead. Here are some ways that an exterior waterproofing company might go about this task.

Polyurethane Foam

The only cracks that really matter, in terms of basement waterproofing, are those that extend through the entire thickness of the wall. Any such cracks should be visible from the outside and inside of your foundation walls. A basement waterproofing company can find such cracks and inject them with expandable polyurethane foam. The foam will look a bit like toothpaste at first, but then it will absorb some air and expand to completely fill the cracks, preventing any additional water from seeping through them. 

Exterior Drain Tile

Another method of exterior waterproofing involves installing exterior drain tile in the yard and area immediately surrounding the home. This drain tile will ensure water is directed away from the foundation, so it does not sit against the foundation and cause the concrete to deteriorate any further. Installing drain tile may require excavating some of your soil and garden beds, but once the tile is in place, it should not need to be disturbed for many years, if ever again.

Waterproof Membrane

If your home's foundation has a lot of tiny cracks that would be really time-consuming to fill, your waterproofing company might recommend installing a waterproof membrane rather than attempting to fill the cracks individually. This membrane is basically a spray-on plastic that will completely cover the concrete and provide an extra barrier.

Roof and Gutter Changes

Another way to control the amount of water that ends up near your foundation and inside your home is to modify the gutters. You may have longer downspouts installed to funnel the water further from your home, or your roofing contractor might want to modify the roof peak to direct water in a different direction.

If you have water in your basement, contact a basement waterproofing company and have them take a look. If you do not want to modify the interior of your home, they may be able to focus on exterior waterproofing services like the ones above instead. 


6 June 2019

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