2 Reasons Why Your Water Might Not Be Heating

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Lately, whenever you try to run hot water from your home's faucets, you may have found that it does not seem to get as hot as it should. Even after adjusting the thermostat on your water heater, the water still does not heat up all of the way. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your electric water heater is not fully heating up your home's water.

1.  Sediment Buildup Is Interfering with the Heating Element

One possible cause of your water heater's inability to heat water to the desired temperature could be that sediment is interfering with the heating element. Over time, minerals and salt deposits in the water, as well as oxidation of the metal, cause sediment to build up inside of the tank.

As the sediment breaks off and floats in the water, it eventually settles to the bottom where the heating element is located. The coating of the sediment on the element then interferes with the heater's ability to transfer heat from the coils to the water.

If this is the issue, the tank will need to be flushed out by a professional so that the element can be examined. Depending on the extent of the build-up, the heating element will either need to be cleaned or replaced.

2.  Something in the Heater's Electrical System Itself Has Gone Bad

Another possible reason why you are not able to get the desired temperature for your hot water could be that there is something faulty or broken in the heater's electrical system itself. This system typically has three parts that include the thermostat, the heating element, and the thermal switch.

The thermostat relays the temperature setting you want your water to be heated to the thermal switch. This switch then turns on the heating element until the desired temperature is reached, then it turns the element off.

If any one of these parts has issues, your water heater will not operate correctly. Especially if your water heater is older, you should have a repair service inspect the electrical heating system to find the faulty part.

No matter the cause, your water heater's inability to fully heat your home's water will not go away on its own and will get worse until it fails completely. Before this scenario occurs, contact a contractor who offers water heater repair services to have them inspect the unit and take the necessary action to fix any issues they may find.


21 December 2019

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