4 Ways To Make Use Of Retractable Screens Around Your Home

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For many years, retractable awnings gave property owners a simple way to make their patios more functional. However, retractable screens offer a new level of functionality for several points around the house. Here is a look at a few ways you may want to make use of retractable screens on your property.

Transform your front porch into a screened room

If you enjoy sitting on your front porch but don't necessarily enjoy the pests that come with your porch-sitting time, a retractable screen can change that. These screens can be mounted along each opening on the porch between columns to give you a more enclosed, more enjoyable space. 

Create privacy screens around your pool or spa outdoors

Retractable screens are often thought of as only implements mounted to awnings and functioning in a vertical fashion. However, you can also find horizontal screens that allow you to create a sort of wall even when there is no real awning in place; the screen simply mounts to a vertical post and can be secured to a secondary post when open. This unique design makes it simple to create a temporary privacy wall. Therefore, horizontal privacy screens are commonly put to use around pools and spas outdoors where residents need a bit of added privacy.  

Make your patio more comfortable in the summer sun

A patio offers so many great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors around your home, whether you are simply lounging or entertaining a group of friends. Unfortunately, an open patio with no walls can allow direct sunlight to step in and make the enjoyable situation not so much fun. Having retractable screens installed around your patio if you have an awning is a logical way to block the sun. Screens can have UV-protective qualities to offer a nice level of shading from the sun. 

Conceal the view into your home through glass doors and large windows 

Incorporating a lot of windows and full-glass doors can make a home have an open, airy feel, bring in a ton of natural light, and really be advantageous. However, having such an open view of the interior of your home may not always be desirable. Retractable screens can be installed on the exterior of your home that you can close when you need a bit of extra privacy. These large-panel screens can cover several windows or doors at once and have a nice appearance when they are down. 

For more information, reach out to a local retractable screen supplier.


10 November 2020

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