2 Reasons Why Your Water Might Not Be Heating

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Lately, whenever you try to run hot water from your home's faucets, you may have found that it does not seem to get as hot as it should. Even after adjusting the thermostat on your water heater, the water still does not heat up all of the way. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your electric water heater is not fully heating up your home's water.

21 December 2019

Need A New Garage Door? Tips To Help You Find The Right Contractor

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When you think about how much work your garage door puts in on a daily basis it's easy to see why it eventually begins to wear out. Lifting and lowering regularly and fighting against the laws of gravity take a toll and your garage door might only display a fraction of its former glory. You know its time for a new door and just need to find the right person for the job.

18 November 2019

When To Call For A Repair Or Replacement Of Your Garage Door


The automatic garage door system on your home can last for years without needing much help. The door itself can last for up to 30 years if it doesn't sustain any cosmetic damage. The opener will usually last about 15 years, so you will need a new garage door opener installed long before you need a new door. If you have problems with the way your garage door opens, or you can see that the door doesn't stay all the way open, you may need garage door repair.

10 October 2019

How To Build A Dream Laundry Room

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When it comes to building custom homes, you need to think carefully about how you design each room in your new home, even the laundry room. Building a custom home means you get to leave your own special touch in each room. Think About What You Need First, you need to figure out what you need from your laundry room. Do you need a place to store your dirty clothes? Do you want bins so you can sort your clothing into things like darks, lights, and delicates within your laundry room?

17 July 2019

3 Hazards When Demolishing Old Commercial Buildings

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If you have an old commercial building that you need to be demolished, you must be aware of the hazards that demolishing the building can present. Older buildings often contain materials that are not used in construction projects anymore due to the safety hazards they present. If your building has any of these old materials in them, you need to work with a commercial demolition contractor to make sure that these materials are all properly disposed of.

17 July 2019

Can You Waterproof Your Basement from the Outside?

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Is your basement a little damp? If you're like most people, you probably assume that to eliminate the moisture, you need to make some changes to your basement walls and floor. But while this is one approach, it is not the only way to waterproof your basement. You can also choose to focus on the exterior of your home, waterproofing your basement from the outside, instead. Here are some ways that an exterior waterproofing company might go about this task.

6 June 2019

Basement Flooded After A Bad Rain? 3 Steps To Take To Get It Back To Normal

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If your basement flooded after a bad rain, you know how much damage this can cause. Because of this, you need to act quickly before damage becomes more extensive. To get started, below are three steps you should take to help get your basement back to normal.  Before you do anything, however, you need to contact your local power company to disconnect electrical services before you walk into your basement.

3 May 2019

Preserve The Appearance Of Your Vinyl Siding


Your home's exterior sets the tone for your living space. An attractive exterior welcomes guests to your property and helps to make your home more visually appealing from the road or sidewalk. Curb appeal can influence the value of your home, so addressing vinyl siding that has fallen into disrepair is always a good idea. You need to be prepared to care for your new siding properly once installation is complete to preserve its beauty well into the future.

13 March 2019

Three Reasons To Install Gutter Guards

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Gutter guards are a type of covering that are placed over the top of your gutters to prevent debris from being able to enter your gutters and block the flow of water. They are most commonly made out of a metal panel of mesh or with small holes installed to allow water to pass through. Understanding the practical benefits that gutter guards have to offer your home can help you determine if you should have them installed on your home's gutter system.

27 January 2019